What is Rice Protein?

The Brown Rice grain is composed of a bran and endosperm layer along with the rice germ. Both layers contain protein.

Conventional white rice
Whole grain rice
  • Most of the protein is found in the endosperm layer with additional protein found in the bran layer which constitutes about 7-9% of the whole grain. What we found interesting was that there were two different amino acid profiles found in the endosperm layer versus that of the bran layer with the bran layer having a better amino acid profile (or more complete profile than that of the endosperm layer). By combining both of these protein sources, we were able to achieve the first complete protein source from a grain of rice, which in the past has been unachievable when just using the endosperm layer and thus an incomplete amino acid profile.
  • We are using a form of Whole Grain Rice Protein made from the bran layer as well as the endosperm layer.  This does not mean white rice which only uses protein from the endosperm layer and devoid of the better amino acid profile. Oryzatein is the first rice protein that combines both bran and endosperm protein. By doing this we truly have the first complete protein source
  • The typical extraction process uses filtration methods, like wet milling, sieving, separation, and drying and natural enzymes procedure for the actual extraction of protein and is all natural
  • Brown Rice Protein is typically a by-product of manufacturing other food ingredients such as brown rice syrup, rice starch and mono-sodium glutamate. Each of these methods provide different functional and protein realizations. We have realized that in order to achieve this nearly perfect amino acid profile, the best method is to use whole grain brown rice syrup which is how we produce this product.